eQube®-MI Training  

eQube®-MI Training

eQ provides comprehensive eQube-MI training services to its clients and partners in order to build their expertise to address their Migration and Integration / MI needs.

These services are offered to:

  • Enterprise customers using eQube-MI in PLM (with Siemens PLM Software's Teamcenter products)
  • Enterprise customers using eQube-MI as a stand-alone solution or as part of their migration and integration strategy
  • eQube-MI implementation partners who would like to master various aspects of the product and then provide eQube-MI based solutions to their customers
  • For Teamcenter Enterprise customers, eQ has done extensive implementations with some of the largest customers.

A comprehensive training program for users

  • eQube-MI Developer Training (5-days):
    Developers are provided with comprehensive training that focuses on:
    • Overview of eQube-MI
    • eQube-MI Transaction Handler
      • Event basics and types of events
      • Data mapping and transformations
      • MI scripting language
      • Creating event definitions
    • Using the Scheduler
  • eQube-MI Administrator’s Training (2-days):
    • eQube-MI deployment strategies
    • Monitor the flow of transactions through the system
    • Monitor the system’s health
    • Perform administrative tasks such as:
      • Define connections
      • Create users etc.

Hands-on training program

  • Under this program eQ team members work with the customer's or the partner's team to develop an eQube-MI event to transfer data across systems.
  • The objective of this program is to ensure the self-sufficiency of the customer or the partner organization in successfully building and deploying eQube-based solutions.
  • Typically this program and the classroom based training program go hand in hand to achieve self-sufficiency of the customer or the partner organization.
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