eQube Application Migration and Integration Solution  
eQube Application Migration and Integration Solution (eQube-MI Solution)

eQube-MI Solution most effectively addresses the complex business needs of Master Data Management, Application Migration and Application Integration thereby substantially leveraging investments across the enterprise.

Master Data Management has taken center-stage at organizations across industries and geographies. Having a "single-version-of-truth" has become a necessity for organizations to be nimble and profitable in the hyper-competitive market-place. Many a times, retiring certain legacy or enterprise systems and consolidating them under a new system is not the practical option. Instead, keeping systems in-sync in the real-time that enables the availability of the single-version-of-truth across the enterprise, irrespective of the number of authoring systems; seem to be the most practical approach.

In addition, companies are contemplating "Enterprise-wide work-flow management systems" that will orchestrate the movement of or synchronization of critical data across disparate business systems triggered off automated or human-initiated business events. The potential for bottom-line business value unleashed by such capability is enormous!

Conventional data integration offerings in the market-place try and address these business issues by utilizing traditional data ETL (extraction-transformation-load) techniques. They seem to be offering a collection of "tools" with custom connectors rather than comprehensive solutions.

eQube-MI Solution is built on the revolutionary services-oriented analytics platform, eQube®. It is a comprehensive solution built ground-up to address the issues of Master Data Management, Enterprise work-flow facilitation, Risk mitigation for application migration and provisioning of Integration services bus. Due to its core architectural underpinnings, while migrating or integrating applications, no customization of the source and destination systems is required. eQube-MI allows "loose-coupling" of the systems instead of point-to-point or heavy custom code based connector approaches.

The core eQube platform offers the advantages of high-availability, hyper-throughput, service oriented platform that is scalable and the flexibility of eQube to interact with the source and destination systems at the object/abstract level. All of these capabilities result in rapid deployment of the migration or integration transactions and ease of maintenance and update of the transactions.

In addition to being a "tool-kit", many of the conventional offerings fall substantially short on two critical aspects:
  1. Identification of datasets ("I"): where the tool helps in rapid identification of patterns, classifications and probability of data quality issues. Such analysis helps up-front in measuring and analyzing the data from completeness, consistency and accuracy perspectives. Collectively, we refer to such capability as "Data Identification & Quality" analysis capability.
  2. Validation capability ("V"): Throughout the life cycle of Data identification, data quality and data migration & integration activities, end-to-end validations are essential. To the extent practical, these validations should be integrated as a part of the complete solution. The core eQube Platform provides the capability where the data from source and destination systems are validated after migration and/or integration to assure the quality and completeness of the migrated and/or integrated data.

eQube-MI Solution provides the entire I-E-T-L-V capability (i.e., data Identification – Extraction – Transformation – Load – Validation). This revolutionary solution comprehensively addresses the following business issues:

  • Data Identification and Data Quality:
    • Rapid identification of "what is in the source data?"
    • Data profiling – patterns, classifications and probability assessments
    • Data integrity issues identification – correctness, completeness and accuracy
    • Data correction (for "source" data sets) and repair (for "destination" data sets) capability
    • Data Validation – life-cycle wide audits and trends, "source" and "destination" validations–"closing the loop!"
  • Data Migration and Integration
    • Ability to migrate and integrate data from any source and in any format
    • Honors the source and destination system's security and application context
    • Data identification, extraction, cleansing, transformation, load and validation
    • Unprecedented error capturing and reporting capability: detailed error reporting based on the application context for root-cause analysis behind the error(s).
  • Enterprise-wide visibility
    • Single-view-of-data representation
    • End-to-end data validation
    • No need for a data-mart or data warehouse
    • Unprecedented flexibility in the enterprise-wide visibility - detailed reports, metrics, KPIs, dashboards


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