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    Application Migration & Application Integration
    "New Strategies for PLM Deployments"
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  • Smarter Decisions—Differentiating Products
    The Strategic Value of Business Intelligence in PLM
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    eQube® -MI
    Solution for application migration, synchronization
    and integration
    • Master data management
    • Enterprise work-flow facilitator
    • Risk mitigator for Application Migration – EOL systems
    • Integration services bus
    eQube® SAP Connector
    • Fully leverages customizations, security
      model and user context
    • Connect to data real-time
    • Leverages SAP BAPIs

eQ Technologic, Inc. offers a platform for Enterprise Software Infrastructure, eQube®.
It has multiple offerings in the market.

eQube®-MI - for application migration, synchronization, and integration.

eQube®-BI – a "Rapid-BI" solution for analyzing Big-data.

eQube®-TM – for transformation modeling – visually mapping object / data model of systems for transformations.

eQube®-DP – for profiling data – data quality assessment, correction, and repair.